About Us

Ghana365 was created to enhance your experience of the country. Providing events, entertainment, food and cultural recommendations to both native and international audiences.

Our story

The idea was born from a trip to Ghana in 2017. I had such an enjoyable experience that I pledged to return every year going forward. I decided that this was something more people should know of and experience.


However, I realised, very early on, knowing the right people plays a key role in how much of Ghana you will get to experience.  

Ghana-365 is our answer to this problem, it is your one stop hub for all things Ghanaian, 365 day of the year.


Here’s how…

Using our in-house creative and editorial teams that work with a network of freelance creators to capture and tell location-centered stories across the globe, including articles, videos, photography, illustration and animation.


Our Philosophy

On your own, you can’t do everything but with the right help, you can live out your adventurous dreams. We have our standards and we believe in getting the job done right the first time. We value research, planning, collaboration and feedback to ensure we consistently provide the highest quality services…. that is our creed.


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