Koby Martin – What my I’s have seen

Yen Dea series

Yen Dea means “Our Own” in Twi, this series celebrates individuals within the culture.

Koby Martin collaborated with both The WHO Gallery and Disturbing London for his most personal and intimate exhibition to date (What My I’s Have Seen), curated by Makesa Kaizen.

After revealing to his audience his innermost thoughts about the tragic death of his father through his previous show Asiamah. Koby continues to explore the depths of his mind to portray a very human outlook of his own life.

Dealing with darker themes of depression, turmoil and uncertainty in balancing contrast to the theme of hope and light. He is able to capture and reach out to his audience displaying his ability to shape the vulnerable and emotional state of the mind. Follow Koby Martin to find out when his next exhibition is announced.

Koby Mart | Webpage

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