Category: Diaspora

Feb 08
Are the Diaspora the new Colonisers?

Diaspora... the new colonisers?

Jan 20
The Sound of Accra

Kobi speaks to Adrian

Oct 12
Social Sundays with Kwabena Osei-Amoaten

Land Ownership, Culture & Tourism

Sep 02
Social Sundays with Muhammida El Muhajir

Muhammida El Muhajir explains Blaxit to Ghana365.

Aug 09
Heart in Ghana

There’s something really refreshing about going home and seeing it with fresh eyes.

Jul 16
Koby Martin – What my I’s have seen

Koby Martin collaborated with both The WHO Gallery and Disturbing London.

Jul 01
Why Africa?

Africa, although it isn't perfect, has so many business opportunities.

Jun 04
Growing up Black in London – A cry for help

What an emotional week it has been for Black people globally. My heart goes out to the…