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Travel essentials for all who are planning to visit Ghana


travel essentials ghana


Climate: Mostly tropical
Temperature: usually between 26°C - 33°C
Be Aware: March to November is rain season affects southern region

travel essentials ghana


There are plenty of options in Ghana including hotels, apartments and resorts in Ghana. Whatever your preference can be found here

travel essentials ghana documents

docs & vaccinations

Documents: valid passport for at least six months.
Visas: are required by most non-residents except ECOWAS nationals.
Vaccinations: Yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Rabies & Polio
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travel essentials ghana


Currency: Cedi
Payments: Cards and Mobile services.
Forex: Good rates available in Ghana for major currencies.

travel essentials ghana


Language: Twi, Fante, Ewe and Ga.

Most Ghanaians also speak fluent English.

travel essentials ghana

culture & history

Ghanaians are a friendly bunch full of culture and traditions. Ghana previously known as Gold Coast gained independence in 1957 under Kwame Nkrumah. It has a population of 30m.

travel essentials ghana


There are plenty of options to travel within Ghana. Taxi, Coach, Tro Tro, Hiring a driver and via aircraft. More details to decide what your preference may be found here.

travel essentials ghana


WiFi: Hotels, Apartments and Cafes.
SIM card: you will need a valid passport to obtain one from any of the providers.

travel essentials ghana


Plug types: Three round pins
Three rectangular pins.
Power: 230V and 50Hz.
If you’re British you should be fine.

travel essentials ghana water

drinking water

Drinking water is generally safe but we recommend visitors buy bottled water.

travel essentials ghana


There are public and private hospitals across the country. Be sure to map them out as it varies region to region

travel essentials ghana smoking


You should make use of designated smoking areas where available.

travel essentials ghana

emergency services